If your apartment is cluttered, rest assured you aren’t alone. While the allure of cozy and cute city apartments is a strong selling point, you may now be wondering how you ever thought this tiny space could hold all your stuff AND stay clean enough to invite friends over. Below, we have some tips and tricks for you to organize your space and keep it that way.


Bust Dust Bunnies

Before you can even worry about where to stash all your stuff, deal with the dust bunnies lurking in corners, under the bed, and behind the couch. Instead of buying a large vacuum, opt for the sleeker, smaller electric broom. It’s just as effective in a small space, and takes up less closet room! For harder to reach areas, try an extendable duster covered in a microfiber head to actually snag dust bunnies, not just blow them around!


Utilize Wall Space

Since your apartment likely doesn’t have too much extra floor space to spare, make use of your walls! Find wall-mounted baskets, shelves, or even try a magnetic bulletin board. Instead of letting magazines spill onto your coffee table, put them in a wall basket. Do the same for incoming mail, outgoing mail, bills to pay, etc., or even mount them on a bulletin board. For heavier items like books, just use shelves. Getting these type of items off your precious counter space will make a huge difference in how open your home feels.

Stay on Top of Things

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but needs to be said anyway. Designate 5 minutes every morning and every evening to the little things. Put your clothes in the hamper. Wash the dishes. Clean up pets’ areas. Sort your recyclables. Clear off your counters and tables. Just the physical affect of these quick fixes can lead to a much more calm and relaxed living space. If you do this every day, it should never take long!


Goodwill It

You probably often look in your closet, cabinets, drawers and think, “One day I’ll get rid of this thing.” Lots of little knick-knacks, while definitely cute at first, become more trouble than they’re worth in a small apartment, and end up hidden away. Keep a running donation bag for Goodwill, the Salvation Army, etc., and as soon as you see something you don’t really want, put it in. Same goes for clothes, home decor, and any acceptable donation items! When your bag is full, take it to a donation site. It feels good, AND is an easy way to keep your apartment tidy and clean.


“Everything has its Place”

This is the most cliche organizational advice, but it’s true!!! Some easy examples: clothes in the closet, medicine in the cabinet, dishes in the cupboard. Some things are harder, though. What about your post-its, fridge magnets, and important documents, books, and letters? Find creative storage solutions, like the wall-mounted baskets above, or by keeping necessities like hair ties and makeup in a hanging pocketed jewelry holder on the back of your bathroom door.