If you are in the market for a new apartment, you should know that not all apartments are created equal. There is in fact many different types and styles of apartments out there. When choosing one, make sure to do your research and fin the apartment that is right for you. This article provides you some information on the different styles of apartments out there.

Classic Six Apartment

 This apartment is a classic, hence the name. Many apartments are set up like the classic six. This type of apartment consists of a living room, dining room, two full bedrooms, kitchen, two full bathrooms and a smaller guest bedroom. This apartment has around six full rooms like the name.


Classic Seven / Eight Apartment

This apartment is the exact same as the classic six apartments except it has two if not three additional bedrooms. This is a nice sized apartment and very popular among those with larger families.


Convertible Apartment

These apartments are made with the option to install another bedroom with the addition of a pressurized wall. This wall is added in the living room or kitchen. The name convertible means this apartment comes with one bedroom and can be converted into having two. These apartments are usually found in NYC.


Duplex Apartment

These apartments have space on two separate, but adjoining floors. The floors are connected by a private staircase. These apartments are created to maximize space and allow for complete separation of multiple bedrooms.


Junior 4 Apartment

This is a type of apartment that has exactly four rooms. It usually has a kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. The bedroom usually has a bathroom in it as well.


Garden Apartment

This is a type of apartment that is on the ground floor of most complexes. It has a door that leads to the complexes lawn or garden. Also, some garden apartments may be on the upper levels of complexes. They may have balconies or areas where the lawn is placed upon each balcony.


Loft Apartment

This is an apartment that is essentially a large open space. There are no walls separating rooms. Everything is open and provides a maximization of space. These are very popular style of apartments now a days because they represent creativity and the flow of freedom.


Penthouse Apartments

These are apartments that are architecturally built upon the rooftop of a building or apartment complex. These apartments are usually the most expensive because they come with many rooms and special amenities. These apartments also usually offer amazing views.


Railroad Apartment

These apartments are units which contain a series of rooms all connected by a single hallway that runs up the middle. The rooms are usually on the left and right sides as you go through the entrance. If you walk straight through you will eventually end up at a wall at the end of the hallway.


Shotgun Apartment

This type of apartment is a variation of the railroad apartment style. The difference is that shotgun apartments usually have rooms separated by folding or French style doors. They offer the same concept as railroad apartments with very little differences.


Triplex Apartment

This apartment is like a duplex except that it has three levels instead of two. This gives you more space than the duplex and allows you even more space between the three levels.

Take the time to research the apartment you are interested and find out what style it is. Then research if that style will work for you and your lifestyle. Get in touch here